Who is Anton Chekhov?

Anton Chekhov was a Russian man who lived in Russia and went to medical school. He grew up with siblings, a mother, and a father who made mistakes like beating his wife and children. Chekhov’s family were forced to move away from their hometown, to Moscow, because of debt that the dad fucked up on. In order to pay off the debt, Chekhov stayed behind and finished school, so that he could later join his family in Moscow and attend Moscow University to become a doctor. As far as he was concerned, medicine was his main vocation in life. He only started writing short stories and articles while in school so that he could financially help his family. He made friends with notable writers of the time who read his stuff and told him he ought to actually make an effort because he had serious talent. So eventually he started writing plays. He started working with Stanislavsky, a Russian guy who is responsible for the way most actors today approach the art of performing. They argued, made beautiful work together, and helped each other be better artists.

Anton Chekhov was a compassionate humanitarian who offered free medical help to a lot of people. He trekked far and wide at one point to visit Sakhalin, in the far east in Russia, in order to assist sick people who had little or no help. He wrote a non-fiction book about this:


Chekhov even had a number of sexy affairs with some people, while writing about them in letters to siblings and friends. Here is a link to more on that:


Quotes and Letters:



Eventually Chekhov had written a bunch of short plays and big plays and short stories, and even got married to an actress. He developed tuberculosis in his 20’s and then died at 44.

We love Chekhov because he cared about people, he gave his time and skills to people who were in need, he helped his family, he was hot and sexy, and he was a genius with words and emotional interaction. And so, he is a famed playwright and we play his plays, hoping to honor them with authenticity.